ANTEIA: Directional wave measuring sensor validation.

User group PI: Ibone Rodriguez de Pablo, ZUNIBAL, SL, Spain

Hosting infrastructure: SBI Galway Bay Data Buoy, Ireland

Main Objectives

A complete wave measuring system has been designed and built by Zunibal. This project aims at deploying this system, a small buoy, in the Galway Bay for data comparisons and validation and to further develop it. The deployment will make use of the facilities and services in GB MARETS, in particular the communication facilities and the SMARTBUOY, and will last for 4 to 6 months.

The final objective of this development is to have a cost effective buoy for wave measurements producing different parameters associated with wave motion such as Heave, Direction, Period and Water Temperature (in addition to wave induced motion).

The system must analyse each wave impacting the buoy and send the corresponding information in real time through the different communication systems available. This requirement is a useful tool for making a complete analysis about an area using a small buoy; currently the only way to do this is to install instruments on the seabed.

As a result, the end user will have a measuring system that will give data on real time wave to wave (heave, direction and period), statistical parameters, spectral parameters and water temperature (surface).

Deploying the wave measuring system in the Galway Bay will allow us to verify all those measurements, with the goal of offering to the market a new system for wave observation.

Project Report:   ANTEIA Report Final (759.0 KiB)


Buoy 25 Spectral Param Psd (14.4 MiB) Buoy 25 Statistical Params (1.2 MiB)