Task 9.4

Task 9.1: Coordination of the WP
Task 9.2: Community of users in JERICO-RI: Analysis of Users and usage strategy
Task 9.3: Preliminary Design of the JERICO-RI
Task 9.4: Business plan of the JERICO-RI
Task 9.5: Long term governance and way towards institutional, national, and other sustainability initiatives

Business plan of the JERICO-RI

M1-40 (Lead: MI; Partners: COVARTEC, EUROGOOS, IFREMER, Key national & RI partners)

T9.4 aims at creating a business plan including results of previous tasks to estimate value of benefit according to the considered design of JERICO-RI and the user engagement strategy.

Subtask 9.4.1: Organisation of the task and preliminary work: In order to secure the needed communication between business analysts and operators of the RI, one expert/contact person for business per partner in key nations will be involved. The work will be referred to each national representative (i.e. at Ministry level) to progress towards national commitments. The abovementioned tasks 9.2&3 will document the initial preparation work for the Business Plan in which JERICO-RI will be accurately scoped out and defined (MS9.2), to be agreed with JERICO-RI operators and contact persons for business per partner in key nations.

Subtask 9.4.2:  Business plan: A strategic rationale for a sustainable JERICO-RI (based on an ERIC) is clearly defined and quantified in the Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of JERICO-NEXT (Deliverable D1.3). The JERICO-RI Business Plan will build upon these previous results and incorporate new value of benefits specific to JERICO-S3 based on user requirements (task 9.2). The business plan will consider the services that can be offered by JERICO-S3 in terms of TNA, Virtual Access, and technical expertise and services to end-users. Four areas will be considered: Data Cost savings, Public procurement savings, TNA & VA programmes, and additional Commercial Access Service Revenues.  The business plan will examine market trends and outlook and technology drivers for the JERICO-RI including key enabling technologies. The certification/quality assessment of coastal observatories will be evaluated based on international best practices. The scope to provide education and training will be examined as part of this task. An initial financial and funding framework will be developed to outline likely funders and customers for the services provided through JERICO-RI (D9.3). This will include an assessment of scientific users, policy customers and operational users of the services (linked with task 9.2).



Task 9.4: D9.3:  The JERICO-RI business plan (M40)