Task 7.6

Task 7.1: Coordination and links to other WPs
Task 7.2: Innovations in platform, sensor and data interoperability
Task 7.3: Innovative ecosystem sensors and sensor package developments
Task 7.4: Enabling data science from innovative observation services and systems
Task 7.5: JERICO e-Infrastructure
Task 7.6: In situ demonstration of sensor packages 

In situ demonstration of sensor packages 

M31-M46 (Lead: PLOCAN, partners: UPC, 52North, NORCE, CNR)

The demonstration will bring the developments of task 7.2 to 7.5 to end-to-end field demonstration, first at PLOCAN coastal observatory for preparation and verification of stand-alone and cabled configuration, then transferred to an IRS and PSS sites.

Subtask 7.6.1: Sensor package preparation for integration and deployment (M31-M36): Tank and shallow water testing at PLOCAN on-shore and coastal facilities will be performed for system functional testing and checking of the end-to-end chain, before engaging in costly field operations at IRS and PSS sites. JIIM sensors and platform communication will be tested for functionality and connectivity.

Subtask 7.6.2: Sensor package end-to-end demonstration (M36-M48): This task exposes the developments to the community and stakeholders (industry, academic partners, funders). Interoperability, new sensors and methods (automated sampling), and the coupling of multi-compartment measurements (physics, biogeochemistry, biology) will be demonstrated. A sensor package deployment will take place at least on one JERICO site (IRS or PSS), selected in collaboration with WP1, WP3 and WP4.


Task 7.6: D7.9: Report on demonstrations of sensor packages on JERICO infrastructure sites. Report will cover the preparation phase (pre-demo) and results from the demonstration.