Task 7.5

Task 7.1: Coordination and links to other WPs
Task 7.2: Innovations in platform, sensor and data interoperability
Task 7.3: Innovative ecosystem sensors and sensor package developments
Task 7.4: Enabling data science from innovative observation services and systems
Task 7.5: JERICO e-Infrastructure
Task 7.6: In situ demonstration of sensor packages 

JERICO e-Infrastructure 

M1-M34 (Lead: IEEE, SOCIB, partners: MARIS, IFREMER, AZTI, ETT, BLIT, IODE, CNRS-LOV, CNR, FMI, TALTECH, SYKE): define and develop a Virtual Access (VA) scalable framework that allows the visibility and access of the JERICO-S3 resources with the aim of  increasing the scientific and societal impact in a long-term sustained RI.

Subtask 7.5.1 VA Portal development (M1-M30): Operational requirements will be derived with JERICO-RI partners, modelers, product developers and other experts in collaboration with WP8-VA. Requirements will be used for detailed design of the VA portal.   This development will include a User Interface (UI), an IT infrastructure, connectivity to the JERICO data and services catalogues, access to the best practices systems and an e-library for tools and similar resources. In addition, the VA may provide access to aggregators like ROOSes/CMEMS (NRT), SeaDataNet (validated archives), EMODNet Physics and Biology portals. Access to priority/mature tools from partners will be incorporated into the VA and will help to test the e-infrastructure performance. This activity will set up the first elements of the JERICO e-infrastructure, e-JERICO, that will be operated in WP8-VA to support users.

Subask 7.5.2: Data-to-Products Thematic Services (D2PTS) (M1-M25) : This subtask will create four pilot-focused regional/thematic services from JERICO-S3 data to demonstrate the benefits of the JERICO RI information life cycle. The work will be done in the areas of physical, biogeochemical and biological oceanography to be exemplars on “how to” for larger scale creation of products and services.

Specific D2PTS targets include:

  1. HF-Radar tailored products D2PTS: will develop physical oceanography products from HF Radar data to provide gap filled surface current data products, potentially transferable to CMEMS in the future. Pilot application will be undertaken in Bay of Biscay IRS and NW-MED PSS.
  2. Estimation of sea water masses types and transport monitoring D2PTS: will develop physical oceanography products from glider data that may be combined with biogeochemistry observations. Pilot application will be undertaken in GoF and NW-MED PSSs.
  3. Biogeochemical state of coastal areas D2PTS: will provide regional, combined multiplatform observations products. Pilot application will be undertaken in GoF PSS.
  4. JERICO-EcoTaxa D2PTS: will provide coastal plankton monitoring products from ecological imaging sensors. Pilot application will be undertaken in NW-MED, GoF, Channel and NorthSea PSSs.


Task 7.5: D7.5: Pilot D2PTS demonstration
Task 7.5: D7.6: Documentation of JERICO RI e-infrastructure and capabilities.