Task 7.2

Task 7.1: Coordination and links to other WPs
Task 7.2: Innovations in platform, sensor and data interoperability
Task 7.3: Innovative ecosystem sensors and sensor package developments
Task 7.4: Enabling data science from innovative observation services and systems
Task 7.5: JERICO e-Infrastructure
Task 7.6: In situ demonstration of sensor packages 

Innovations in platform, sensor and data interoperability

M1-M36 (Lead: IFREMER, partners: UPC, 52°N, PLOCAN, CNR, OGS):

Task 7.2 will design, build and test an interoperable instrument module with the following key features: host a core set of observing devices, to be agreed with task 7.3; support interfacing with existing JERICO observing facilities; will be compatible with open standards for sensor and data interoperability.

Subtask 7.2.1 Designing and building the JERICO Interoperable Instrument Module (JIIM) (M1-M18). The JIIM design will be based on the EMSO ERIC’s EGIM (EMSO Generic Instrument Module), taking advantage of its high TRL, modularity and embedded computing capability. The JIIM will be designed according to coastal constraints: inexpensive housing for shallow water, reinforced antifouling capabilities compared to deep sea application needs. The interoperability with EMSO standards will be also guaranteed.

Subtask 7.2.2 Ensuring end-to-end compatibility with Sensor Web Enablement and Internet of Things standards (M5-M30). The results from previous projects such as NeXOS and BRIDGES will be taken as a baseline and will be further advanced to improve end-to-end compatibility within the Sensor Web infrastructures. This comprises the evaluation of new Sensor Web and IoT standards (e.g. OGC Sensor Things API, MQTT, OGC Publish/Subscribe) and the refinement of existing components (e.g. the smle SensorML editor, coupling SOS servers with NetCDF-based data repositories, Sensor Web Viewers such as  the open-source 52°North Helgoland).

Subtask 7.2.3 Testing the JERICO Interoperable Instrument Module (JIIM) on a JERICO facility (M24-M36). The JIIM test will take place in a representative coastal environment. Both stand-alone and cabled configurations of the JIIM will be testedfor interoperability and delivery of real-time and delayed mode data. The testing of the standard Web Service and the connectivity with National and European data centers will be performed.


Task 7.2: D7.1: prototype of JIIM, with core set of instruments for observing cEOVs.

Task 7.2: D7.2: Sensor Web components for the end-to-end integration of the JIIM into interoperable infrastructures. List of JIIM functionalities – user level.

Task 7.2: D7.3: Test report of JIIM prototype in representative different coastal environments.