Task 7.1

Task 7.1: Coordination and links to other WPs
Task 7.2: Innovations in platform, sensor and data interoperability
Task 7.3: Innovative ecosystem sensors and sensor package developments
Task 7.4: Enabling data science from innovative observation services and systems
Task 7.5: JERICO e-Infrastructure
Task 7.6: In situ demonstration of sensor packages 

Coordination and links to other WPs

M1 – M46 (Lead: PLOCAN, Partner: CNR).

This task will coordinate and oversee the tasks activities in WP7 to ensure progress towards the planned objectives. This task will also coordinate and review the deliverables writing, will organise internal meetings and contribute to maintain the required links to other WPs. In particular, links will be maintained with WP1 for coordinated decisions on which sensors and sensor packages will be developed, with WP3, WP4 and WP5 for maintaining the connection with IRS and PSS, with WP8-VA for virtual access facility.