Task 6.2

Task 6.1: Coordination
Task 6.2: Data management for coastal platforms
Task 6.3: Data management activities on selected biological and biogeochemistry sensor types
Task 6.4: Data management support activities

Data management for coastal platforms

M1-48 (Lead: HCMR)

Subtask 6.2.1: Identify and update the overview of JERICO-RI involved platforms and data (SMHI, MARIS, IFREMER) (M1-48)

The JERICO dataset catalogue has proven a useful tool for creating an overview of platforms and data relevant for the project this and will be updated. Input from other WP’s will be used to identify the actual JERICO platforms, including the PSS, TNA platforms, and IRS. Partners will collect and describe coastal platforms in the dataset catalogue (technically run in WP7) including pointers to data, which variables (related to EOV’s) published as D6.2.

Subtask 6.2.2: Best practice capturing for “mature” platforms with physical and BGC parameters (HCMR, SMHI, CNR, ETT, SOCIB, Hereon, RWS) (M6-42).

For the following platform types there will be activities supporting data management as defined under T6.4 in close relation to the Virtual Research Environment in WP7: HF radars (CNR), Gliders (SOCIB, ETT), FerryBox (Hereon) The work for each platform type will follow basically the same approach and will cooperate with WP4 (PSS) and WP3 (IRS). The experts will identify the existing standards, and possible data management best practices (D6.3). At the end of the project an evaluation will be done of the level of Best Practice adoption at the IRSs and PSSs in the project, as well as the use of the VRE by the partners engaged in WP3 and WP4 (D6.10). This will be done in cooperation with WP3 and WP4, and is an important condition for data to be accessible for use in the Virtual Environment in T7.4.

Subtask 6.2.3: Citizen science for coastal observation (M1-36) (MARIS, Deltares)

Citizen science is becoming more and more popular and many coastal initiatives exist that allow citizens to participate in monitoring their environment, leading to education, “empowerment” and a raise of awareness. The value of awareness raising, education and communication is rather well acknowledged, but when it comes to the use of the data there is skepticism. Under this task an inventory will be made of existing initiatives that collect coastal data in close cooperation with WP2 and WP10. WP6 will provide an overview (MS6.1) of available initiatives relevant to coastal observation, including reference to their data archives. Partners will analyse data management practices, and solutions to enable the datastreams to be made accessible and useful for JERICO-S3 data products. Cooperation will be started with the selected initiatives to feed their data as input to JERICO-RI products in WP2 and check possible integration of product in the website or app of the citizen science initiative (D6.11).


Task 6.2: D6.2 JERICO-RI inventory of platforms, datasets and data products  (M12)

Task 6.2: D6.3 Data Management Best practices report for physical and BGC platforms (M25)

Task 6.2: D6.10 JERICO RI Data Management implementation report for all platform types (M48)

Task 6.2: D6.11 Report of coastal citizen science adoption options and harmonisation (M48)