Task 3.4

Task 3.1: Coordination and links to other WPs
Task 3.2: Development of regional IRS strategy and business and sustainability plans
Task 3.3: Integration and harmonization within and between regions
Task 3.4: Regional data harmonisation/delivery and products

Regional data harmonisation/delivery and products

M1-M32 (Lead: IRB, partners: NIVA, OGS, IH, AZTI, SMHI, IMR, and regional WGs) 

Although IRSs have common data harmonisation and delivery needs, there are also region-specific needs in terms of how data are handled and delivered to which national/regional data portals, which data products are needed for advancing research and societal goals, and how knowledge is generated and disseminated. This task will coordinate and harmonise data handling/delivery at the regional level to ensure efficient data handling and delivery based on guidelines developed in WP6. IRSs will work closely with already established national and regional data portals (e.g., nationally-funded data centres, EuroGOOS Regional Ocean Observing system (ROOS) data portals) for delivery to pan-European data aggregators CMEMS, EMODnet, and SeaDataNet. Some IRS-specific data harmonisation/delivery and products include:

WG-NA: Forecast horizons and timeliness for operational prediction and analysis and accuracy needed for multi-disciplinary model forcing, verification, validation, and data assimilation. Development of operational products from selected core variables based on user requirements.

WG-IB: Harmonise data flow to IBI-ROOS. Identify new data products to support maritime activity near ports, aquaculture operations, and at-sea crises, support national implementation of European directives (MSFD and WFD) including the reporting of HAB events.

WG-BB: Harmonise data flow to IBI-ROOS. Work towards integrating  in-situ, HF radar, and EO data (validation of satellite multisensor information, in cooperation with WP2, statistical 3D data blending and Lagrangian techniques), as well as benthic biodiversity data for ecological quality status of benthic habitats.

WG-KS: Harmonise near-real-time and delayed mode data handling and delivery, improve links to EMODnet Biology and Northwest European Shelf ROOS.

WG-NS: Securing data stream and integration of physical, chemical, and biological parameters/datasets with ArcticROOS data centre.

Region-specific and region-wide data harmonisation/delivery and product generation will be reported in D3.3 as “case-studies” for the improvement/modification of data-related best practices developed by Tasks 6.2 and 6.3 (WP6) and to task 9.2 on mapping of users, their needs, and JERICO-RI offered services (WP9).


Task 3.4: D3.3. Recommendations based on regional data handling and accessibility to WP6 and WP9 (IRB) (M32) (based on initial guidelines set forth by WP6)