Task 2.2

Task 2.1: Coordination and dissemination
Task 2.2: Collaboration and interoperability with marine, river and terrestrial RIs
Task 2.3: Interfacing with COPERNICUS and coastal-based industries
Task 2.4: Regional connectivity and link between scales and dynamics
Task 2.5: Interfacing with monitoring programmes, non-European OOS and the political realm

Collaboration and interoperability with marine, river and terrestrial RIs

M1-M40 (Lead: CNR and HCMR, Partners: HCMR, CNR, Hereon, Deltares, Ifremer, COV, SYKE, CNRS, IRB)

This task will develop collaborations with marine, river and terrestrial RIs such as EMSO, EuroArgo, EMBRC, ICOS, DANUBIUS, LIFEWATCH, AQUACOSM, e-LTER in order to foster interoperability and synergies for contributing to a comprehensive European RI service provision. To foster collaboration at high level, the JERICO RIs-Board (J-RIB) will involve RI’s representatives in specific yearly workshops (MS2.2) to channel communication and collaboration with an ultimate aim of signing MoUs. Alignment of strategies achieved through a different set of case specific activities carried on both at regional and European level is a priority. Indicative activities encompass sharing of technologies, best practices, by, for example, organising common workshops to contribute to the interoperability and standardisation of data across the European RI landscape, shared organisation of brokerage events with industry, stakeholders and policy makers and other events for the promotion of RIs.

At local/regional level, joined collaborations are explored within the PSSs and selected IRS (MS2.1). As a proof of concept of mutual benefits, specific activities will be carried out in cooperation with DANUBIUS (NS-PSS, Adriatic-IRS) and AQUACOSM (GoF-PSS, NW-MED-PSS, Cretan-PSS). The final output will be a plan for strategy alignment and joint endeavours in the PSS and selected IRS, reported in D2.1 (Link WP3; WP4).


Task 2.2: D2.1: Report on collaboration and interoperability with marine, river and terrestrial RIs (M40)