Task 2.1

Task 2.1: Coordination and dissemination
Task 2.2: Collaboration and interoperability with marine, river and terrestrial RIs
Task 2.3: Interfacing with COPERNICUS and coastal-based industries
Task 2.4: Regional connectivity and link between scales and dynamics
Task 2.5: Interfacing with monitoring programmes, non-European OOS and the political realm

Coordination and Dissemination

M1-M46 (Lead: Hereon and Deltares)

The wide variety of potential cooperation partners and entities requires substantial coordination efforts. These will include facilitating communication and exchange between the tasks, creating and sustaining the interfaces with other work packages, organisation of reporting activities, preparing for and attending Steering Committee meetings, as well as the annual General Assembly. Special emphasis will be put on disseminating the results of this WP to the Sustainability and Communications and Outreach work packages (WP9 & WP10).