Task 13.6

Task 13.1: Day To Day management 
Task 13.2: Common workshop organisation: JERICO-Weeks
Task 13.3: Committees
Task 13.4: Quality Assurance Plan
Task 13.5: Coordination and Management of the Transnational Access Programme
Task 13.6: Coordination and Management of Virtual Access activities
Task 13.7: Promoting ethics, environmental and safety guidelines within the JERICO-RI

Coordination and Management of Virtual Access activities 

M1-M48 (Lead: SOCIB)

To coordinate the provision of access to Virtual Services identified WP11-VA this task will : i) promote use of services provided by the infrastructures through publicity working with WP10, ii) provide  metrics to effectively assess the use and access to JERICO-S3 VA Resources,  iii) provide the international review panel with assessment of services, iv) report the results of the periodic assessments to the EC, v) assure integration with TA task.(ref. Task 13.6)