Task 13.5

Task 13.1: Day To Day management 
Task 13.2: Common workshop organisation: JERICO-Weeks
Task 13.3: Committees
Task 13.4: Quality Assurance Plan
Task 13.5: Coordination and Management of the Transnational Access Programme
Task 13.6: Coordination and Management of Virtual Access activities
Task 13.7: Promoting ethics, environmental and safety guidelines within the JERICO-RI

Coordination and Management of the Transnational Access Programme

M1-M48 (Lead: MI)

The coordination efforts of TA activities will be carried out by this task. The objectives of this task are to prepare and manage three calls for proposal to access to infrastructures in WP8-TA. It will be in charge of: launching the calls for TA, follow up with financial and activity reporting on TA programme, reporting to SC and GA, dissemination to communication Work package (WP10).

Subtask 13.5.1 – Setting procedures and teams for access provision (M1 – M9)

In this task, selection procedures and evaluation criteria previously established in JERICO-NEXT will be reviewed and updated. Subtask 13.5.1 will also define the Selection Panel (SP) of independent experts to be involved in the selection of the proposals. Finally it will establish JERICO-S3 TA secretariat for the management of TA proposals and coordination of the evaluation process. The SP will be identified at the project Kick-Off meeting.

Subtask 13.5.2 – Launching calls and evaluation of TA proposals (M10 – M37)

Publish three calls on the website and advertise through scientific fora and specialised e-mail lists (with WP10). Manage application process and determine technical viability of applications. SP meeting after each call for selection of proposals following peer-review process based on established criteria and scientific merit. Publish the evaluation process and results on the project website (with WP10).

Subtask 13.5.3 – Implement access, Reporting and Dissemination (M13 – M47)

Drafting agreements between TA providers and users defining rules and conditions for the execution of the access to the infrastructure, agreed work program and schedule. Define and implement a mechanism for dissemination of scientific data and technological TNA outcomes (web-articles, user reports, list of publications and presentations) (with WP10).


T13.5: D13.3: Access Policies and Procedures document (M9)

T13.5: D13.4: Access Policies and Procedures document- revised after 1st TA Call review (M22)

T13.5: D13.5: Access Policies and Procedures document- revised after 2nd TA Call review M34)