Task 10.2

Task 10.1: Coordination of the WP
Task 10.2: Dissemination & exploitation plan
Task 10.3: Strengthening the JERICO-RI identity: Building a common message 
Task 10.4: Strengthening the community through skill development and knowledge transfer 
Task 10.5: Maximising the visibility of the JERICO-RI

Dissemination & exploitation plan

M1-48 (Lead: IH; Partners: IFREMER, COVARTEC, BLIT, All Partners)

Subtask 10.2.1 Consolidated dissemination & exploitation plans  (M1- M4)

The draft dissemination and exploitation plan (DEP) proposed as part of  the JERICO-S3 proposal, will be updated at month M1 of the project and then yearly revised to agree on focusing actions or specific targets. This task will be supported by a networking of communication units in key partner institutions, who will be in charge of dissemination actions at national level. Key performance Indicators (KPIs) will be set up at month M4 to ease the follow-up of its implementation with regards to the expected impacts. This action will be reported in D10.1.

Subtask 10.2.2: Implementation of the dissemination and exploitation plan (M5- M48):

Throughout the project, the implementation of the Communication plan (CP) and DEP will be monitored and evaluated through KPIs, in order to make their applications practical, believable, and fit-for-purpose.  Quarterly meetings with all WP leaders will be held for gathering a robust status on dissemination and exploitation actions and planning the upcoming activities. A continuous reporting on dissemination and exploitation to the EC will be enforced. This activity will be reported in D10.6 (M48).


Task 10.2 – D10.1: Consolidated Dissemination & Exploitation plan (M4)

Task 10.2 – D10.6: Dissemination and exploitation plan impact report  (M48)