Task 1.3

Task 1.1: Coordination and dissemination
Task 1.2: Approach to maximise the scientific and societal relevance of the JERICO-RI through integrated innovative monitoring
Task 1.3: Long-term vision for the JERICO-RI
Task 1.4: Next generation European coastal observing system

Long-term vision for the JERICO-RI

M6-M36 (Lead: COV, Partners: CNRS, NORCE, IFREMER, PLOCAN).

A long-term vision for JERICO-RI will be elaborated, with the goal of anticipating the coastal observation system of the future. Task 1.3 is organised in 2 subtasks.

Subtask 1.3.1 Technological foresight will review the potential of emerging technologies (e.g. IoT/AI, automation, biotechnology, photonics) for coastal observations. It will investigate how disruptive innovations, emerging technologies and cross-disciplines endeavours is likely to give appropriate responses to current and long-lasting environmental challenges in Europe, and lead to a paradigm shift in the way marine coastal ocean will be observed in the future. We will review the latest progress and services provided by the H2020-LEIT and engage with relevant innovation providers (e.g., Digital Innovation Hub) for identifying innovations of high relevance either for measuring variables of high importance but not currently addressed at the appropriate spatial and temporal scales because of technological limitations, or for significantly improving the present capability for integrative observation of complex coupled coastal processes; thereby paving the future of coastal observing systems.

Subtask 1.3.2: Science foresight and long-term opportunities for better addressing pan-European scientific and societal challenges will i) review the present observing system to tackle key and long-term coastal environment challenges (e.g., phytoplankton dynamics/HAB; contaminants transport and distribution, benthic-pelagic coupling, ocean acidification, monitoring MPAs); then ii) propose new and optimal ways for answering to these challenges in the future thanks to enabling emerging technologies, as mapped in subtask 1.3.1, and summed-up, in form of a long-term vision for JERICO-RI, in D1.3.


Task1.3-D1.3 (M36): Long-term vision for the JERICO-RI (Report)