Action #6: Transnational integration

Objectives: The NW-MED will promote the integration of the regional and European initiatives like MONGOOS (EUROGOOS) and UNEP-MAP to disseminate results, new products and to align its strategy (new variables, new tools) towards a regional integrated observing system. The PSS products will be presented regularly during MONGOOS and EUROGOOS workshops and general assemblies.

Action Lead and other Partners (with contact persons): CNRS (Coppola, Bourrin), PdE (Pérez Gómez), SOCIB (Allen), UPC (del Rio), CNR (Cantoni, Berta)

JS3 Platforms included: All JERICO-RI platforms will be involved here:

Other data sources and external partners for implementation: MONGOOS observation task team

Overall timetable of action: Summer 2021-Summer 2022

Description of action: A data flow assessment will be performed for the NW-MED PSS observation platforms, to ensure their availability and contribution to existing regional programs or activities, identify potential improvements and provision of new data, detect gaps and deficiencies, and generate recommendations.  The most relevant programs in the region are MONGOOS, UNEP-MAP, EuroGOOS (EuroGOOS Coastal Working Group), and CMEMS.

The PSS community is represented through the MONGOOS observations task team and it will promote the PSS initiatives and products during annual workshops and GA. The EuroGOOS Coastal Working Group will be connected to the PSS community in the analysis of the entire value chain from coastal observations (in-situ and satellite) to models, products and services for final coastal users, along European coasts. In this context, the PSS will harmonize its strategy by getting closer to this group.

The In Situ TAC of CMEMS ensures consistent and reliable access to a range of in situ data for the purpose of service production and validation. The PSS will promote the in situ observations activities and new variables to disseminate its actions.

Best practices used or developed: Not relevant for Action

Data flows: Not relevant for Action

Data QC routines: Not relevant for Action

Data management issues: Not relevant for Action

Expected results: Identification of gaps, problems, and new products & variables of interest for the mentioned programs and activities

Users of results: task team leaders, MONGOOS coordination

Dissemination of results: Workshops, reports, collaborations through joint promotion with CS PSS and Adriatic IRS to MONGOOS, UNEPMAP

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