Action #7: Cross-regional communication between PSSs (North Sea and Channel)

Objectives: The aims of a cross-regional communication in the PSS are to highlight in situ technology innovation and implementation, investigate the possibility of transfer to each region of the PSSs (the North Sea and Channel) as well as the platforms, and investigate how to share approach/tools and knowledge from experience between partners to be applied at the regional scales for scientific and societal purposes.

Action Lead and other Partners (with contact persons): CEFAS (Creach), HEREON (Brix), IFREMER (Lefebvre), Deltares (Blauw), RWS (Enserink), VLIZ (Debusschere), NIVA (Frigstad).

Other data sources and external partners for implementation: not relevant for this action

Overall timetable of action: Jan 2021 – Dec 2022.

Description of action: communication will consist in:

  • Informing partners on status for actions #1, #2, #3, and #4 by the action leaders and the possibility of closer collaboration with partners interested in the actions during specific workshops (GA of J-S3) and in between (virtually).
  • Involve partners from the Channel and SE North Sea together for the specific actions like actions #1 & 2 (Riverine input to the North Sea): IFREMER (Lefebvre, Devreker), VLIZ (Debusschere), CEFAS (Greenwood, Graves).
  • Involve all partners and particularly agencies and organisations in charge of national water quality, biodiversity, and food webs monitoring in action #8 (Support to EU directives and ecosystem management.): CEFAS (Graves).
  • Identify the users and their needs in the PSS area in collaboration with subtask 9.2.

Best practices used or developed: not relevant for this action.

Data flows: not relevant for this action.

Data QC routines: not relevant for the action.

Data management issues: not relevant for the action.

Expected results: Definition of an optimised organisation in connecting between PSSs and with the users from other PSSs and RIs and JERICO-RI in general when developing PSS concept further.

Users of results: not relevant for the action

Dissemination of results: this action will use the communication channel of JERICO-S3 (WP10) for highlighting the main achievements in the PSS. Annual workshops during the GA of J-S3 and virtual workshops will be established.

Links (maybe later aggregated in a table): link to WP1, WP2, WP9.