Action #6: Identification of Observational Gaps

Objectives: Based on a census of existing monitoring programmes (low and high-resolution strategies, incl. ecosystemic/scientific cruises, fixed stations, buoys, and FerryBox/SOP, observational gaps will be analysed in both regions, especially related to biological and biogeochemical (including carbon cycle) variables (link to EOV, EBV concept). Analysing needs for institutional interactions will aim to improve regional integration of observations in forthcoming Supersites. 

Action Lead and other Partners (with contact persons): HEREON (Brix, Möller, Voynova), IFREMER (Lefebvre, Verney), CEFAS (Creach, Greenwood), Deltares (Blauw, van Kessel, Gwee), RBINS (Vanderzande, Fettweis), VLIZ (Debusschere), CNRS (Artigas, Lizon, Claquin), AWI (Fischer), NIVA (King), IMR (Wehde).

JS3 Platforms included: not relevant for this action.

Other data sources and external partners for implementation: To be defined in early 2021.

Overall timetable of action: Dec 2020 – Aug 2022.

Description of action: As gap analyses have so far only been done in a very local and not coordinated approach (if at all), a shared gap analysis will be undertaken to take the entire NSEA and CHANNEL PSS regions into consideration. In particular, the national partners will create an inventory of existing measurements of biological, biogeochemical, and carbon cycle quantities, including riverine input data. Efforts will be made to begin investigating these inventories and recommendations will be formulated on how to fill the gaps. 

Best practices used or developed: not relevant for this action.

Data flows: The topic will not collect new observation data but provide means for improved observation and data collection.

Data QC routines: not relevant for this action. 

Data management issues: not relevant for this action.

Expected results: Overview of observational gaps in the EC and NSEA PSS, recommendations on how to address these gaps. 

Users of results: scientific community, stakeholders, policymakers, RIs.

Dissemination of results: specific reports, oral communications, and posters during working groups and colloquia/symposium during the course of the project. 

Links: Links to other PSS (joint studies, shared best practices, merging data for pan – European products, shared use of tools for identification of gaps).

WP1 (feed into scientific concept), WP2 (connection to other RIs), WP3 (IRS), WP9 (design).

Links outside JS3: Links with scientific projects: CPER MARCO (Fr), CPER ROEC (Fr), CPER ObsOcean (Fr), InterReg S3 EUROHAB (Fr, UK), CPER Vallée de la Seine Phresque2 (Fr), GIP Seine Aval (Fr), ANR CO2COAST (Fr).

Links with EU Directives and Regional Sea Conventions working groups (focus on monitoring program’s needs).