JERICO-DS: Task 6.2

Task 6.1: Project Communication
Task 6.2: Engaging with Users
Task 6.3: Engaging with selected Stakeholders
Task 6.4: Maximising visibility and society impacts
Task 6.5: Communication KPIs

Task 6.2 Engaging with Users


Task 6.2 will focus on the development of a communication strategy directed to JERICO-RI target user communities in the following one or two decades and on the definition and implementation of communication tools that will support this strategy. This task will address the communication with:

  • Research Community
  • Service Providers
  • Other RIs and non RIs community
  • Industry users
  • General public and Citizen Science Initiatives. For each users category the information type varies, as well as the channels and the methodology.

(a) Research Community not necessarily directly involved in monitoring activities at sea. The communication will be elaborated through case studies by using as working examples the numerical modelling and remote sensing communities, in tight interaction with some nations.

(b) Service Providers (COPERNICUS, GTS, EMODnet…) with a particular focus to the communication with COPERNICUS. We will profit from the collaboration between JERICO-RI and this service provider in JERICO-S3 as an example to establish a specific methodology.

(c) Other RIs and non-RIs communities. Interactions to be developed in JERICO-S3 at pan Eu level will provide a top down communication case whereas in JERICO-DS interactions at national level, will provide a bottom up case of communication. From these 2 cases, an effective communication methodology will be set up as a key to assure the development of synergies both at a Pan-European scale as well as at regional and national scale with the potential of opening new areas for products and services.

(d) Industry Users. The most suitable communication strategy and tools towards this community will be defined using as case studies the industry users involved in technology development for coastal ocean monitoring as well as users involved in aquaculture initiatives (using the interaction with the AquaCLoud initiative developed in JERICO-S3).

(e) Citizen Science initiatives, The work will also focus on communication channels to Citizen Science initiatives identified at national level aiming to position JERICO-RI as “driver” for coastal ocean observations by citizen science initiatives in the next 10-20 years.

The output of this task will be a specific communication plan directed to users (MS6.5, M24) which will integrate the Communication Plan for JERICO-RI (D6.2, M35).


  •  T6.2, T6.3-D6.2: Communication strategy of the JERICO-RI (M35, IH).