JERICO-DS: Task 5.6

Task 5.1: From the concept to the structure
Task 5.2: Relations with other Environmental RIs
Task 5.3: Study of Human resources and capacities
Task 5.4: Development of the JERICO label Committee to sustain the scientific research excellence framework of JERICO-RI
Task 5.5: Policy for sustaining excellence and performance
Tasks 5.6: Structuring of the legal entity and way forward
Tasks 5.7: Coordination and methodology of the WP5

Tasks 5.6: Structuring of the legal entity and way forward


Based on the synthesized progress within the work packages of this design study and the here above tasks, this task will lay the focal point of work on the possible statutes of the legal entity and the governance structure. It will investigate possible structural scenarios and develop objective decision criteria for finding the best-suited structure with a strong consideration of the Business Plan (WP4). This will be performed in collaboration with national nodes by discussing the existing types of statutes. This task will include support establishment of governance including central steering, facilitating the link to national nodes and facilitating interactions between nations with the central hub and the organisation of the membership within the RI.

The main outcome will be the so called Conceptual Design Report of the project (D5.3) It will also establish a roadmap for the next steps until the implementation of the RI by analysing:

  • Achievements made as part of Technical Design, and those made later on to fully establish a Technical Design in a formal Preparatory phase.
  • Actions and tasks to be organised in an implementation phase.
  • Key elements to be anticipated for the decommissioning phase.

This outcome will be the final deliverable of JERICO-DS: D5.3 at month M36.