JERICO-DS: Task 4.4

Task 4.1: User and stakeholder strategy
Task 4.2: Design of national commitment framework
Task 4.3: Socio Economic Impact Assessment
Task 4.4: Design of Research Infrastructure Funding plan
Task 4.5: Financial Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy
Task 4.6: Business plan design for the JERICO-RI

Task 4.4: Design of Research Infrastructure Funding plan

(M28 – M34) (MI, EuroGOOS, HCMR CNR, All nations)

RIs require long term financial planning and this task will define a funding plan for the RI, identify financial commitments necessary for the required investments (T2.4), incorporate outputs from WP5 on governance structure, including contributions from national, European, and international funding resources. A “Development of Funding” Working Group will be set up as part of this task to consider funding concepts/structures and potential partners (e.g. nature of partnership, in-kind versus cash).

Proposed contributions will be outlined. Innovative funding models for JERICO-RI will be considered, assisted by reviewing the experience of other RI’s e.g. EMSO, EuroArgo, EMBRC to find approaches to increase and more efficiently use the European Structural Investment Funds, the European Fund for Strategic Investments, and the InnovFin – EU Finance for Innovators programme for developing research infrastructures. Funding for CMO – leverage H2020/JPI calls membership fees, revenue for CMO financial: Links will also be developed to the Resources Forum being developed under the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS) framework.

This task will outcome on a dedicated short report in MS4.4 at M33 and will feed deliverable D4.3. it will include a description of the approved budget including top-level breakdown of cost elements with overall order of magnitude estimates (including for Central Hub, National Nodes) and main upgrades, estimates and confidence levels available for each element, funding opportunities identified, in-kind contribution policy outlined).