JERICO-DS: Task 4.1

Task 4.1: User and stakeholder strategy
Task 4.2: Design of national commitment framework
Task 4.3: Socio Economic Impact Assessment
Task 4.4: Design of Research Infrastructure Funding plan
Task 4.5: Financial Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy
Task 4.6: Business plan design for the JERICO-RI

Task 4.1: User and stakeholder strategy

(M1 – M30) (EuroGOOS, MI, Ifremer, Ifremer-CNRS, ALL NATIONS)

In this task, inputs from the stakeholder and user requirements gathering activities in the JERICO-S3 project will be synthesised and archived in the newly developed CIS2 requirements repository developed by the European Environment Agency. This will allow the specific JERICO user requirements to complement requirements gathered in the context of the Copernicus services in a long-term archival database. This will ensure a strong coastal requirements setting and archival record to assist in planning the roll-out of the JERICO-RI, reducing duplication and enhancing complementarity between the open and coastal ocean domains. This synthesis will be presented to nation representatives for final discussions at month 24 with the yearly meeting. This task will cooperate closely with Task 7.3, which will establish a JERICO-User Committee (JUC) to strengthen the strategy design process.

Task 4.1 will identify with its stakeholders and user community the Key Performance indicators from the OECD sustainability framework which are most relevant to its particular situation and specific missions by:

  • Developing an integrated local/regional/national/pan-European user strategy to complement JERICO-S3 T9.1 and accurately capturing and defining the multidisciplinary user community in academia, industry and policy and their requirements according to the definition of services and data/products established in task 3.1)
  • Consequent structuring in centres of expertise, to operate services for the RI community (supported by WP2 and WP3)

1. Support to EU policies and priorities: expertise and information (data and products).
2. Access to the physical infrastructure: expectations /requirements (access units and access modes described).

This task will outcome on Milestone MS4.3 (M31) and then on Deliverable D4.1 (M32) with a clearly defined vision about the RI user community with procedures regarding access units and access modes fully described.


  • T4.1-D4.1: User/Stakeholder Strategy (M32) – JERICO-RI Stakeholder analysis report added to CIS2 requirements repository developed by the European Environment Agency.