JERICO-DS: Task 3.4

Task 3.1: e-JERICO requirements compilation
Task 3.2: Policies of e-JERICO
Task 3.3: Technical design of e-JERICO
Task 3.4: Preparation for e-JERICO operation
Task 3.5: e-JERICO data lifecycle management
Task 3.6: Preliminary definition of Key Performance Indicators for e-JERICO
Task 3.7: Design of the e-JERICO implementation roadmap

Task 3.4: Preparation for e-JERICO operation

(M12 – M36) (RBINS, SOCIB, Ifremer-CNRS, cnrOGS, All nations)

This task will create the structure plan for e-JERICO operational capability. Agreements will be established with those JERICO-RI components, ranging from individual Institutions to Nations and Regions (Pilot Super Sites and Integrated Regional Sites as defined in JERICO-S3) that have capability for long-term sustainability, and can reliably contribute to service and data provision. Such agreements will be included in the final draft of the e-JERICO operational plan for delivery of services that will document the day-to-day management for effectively running e-JERICO. This day-to-day management will include specific details of (1) all the tasks required to maintain the e-infrastructure, (2) the partners responsible for each task, (3) the timeline for task completion and (4) financial resources available to maintain e-JERICO.

Milestone: Draft operational plan (M24)


  • T3.4 – D3.3: Preliminary operational Plan for e-JERICO service delivery, including draft agreement with JERICO partners delivering e-JERICO services and data (M36)