JERICO-DS: Task 3.3

Task 3.1: e-JERICO requirements compilation
Task 3.2: Policies of e-JERICO
Task 3.3: Technical design of e-JERICO
Task 3.4: Preparation for e-JERICO operation
Task 3.5: e-JERICO data lifecycle management
Task 3.6: Preliminary definition of Key Performance Indicators for e-JERICO
Task 3.7: Design of the e-JERICO implementation roadmap

Task 3.3: Technical design of e-JERICO

(M18 – M30) (SOCIB, RBINS, CNR, OGS, Ifremer-CNRS)

This task will consider the key aspects required for the implementation of e-JERICO by creating its technical design; which will be supported by (1) the pilot e-JERICO and its related documentation delivered in the JERICO-S3 project, and (2) the e-JERICO requirements provided in Task 3.1, above. The technical design will consolidate both existing and envisioned ITC technologies, methodologies, frameworks and Best Practices, currently being used for other world class e-infrastructures, modifying and building appropriately to optimise them for e-JERICO. The technical design will also strongly rely on existing nations’ ITC facilities and the national data and services e-infrastructures that are embedded or linked to existing European einfrastructures. In addition, the national contributions and capabilities will be driven by means of the eJERICO operations design (Task 3.4).

The outcome of this task will be included in the e-JERICO strategic plan (Task 3.7) for scheduling e-JERICO implementation.

Milestone: Draft e-JERICO technical design (M24)


  • T3.3 – D3.2: e-JERICO technical design (M28)