JERICO-DS: Task 3.1

Task 3.1: e-JERICO requirements compilation
Task 3.2: Policies of e-JERICO
Task 3.3: Technical design of e-JERICO
Task 3.4: Preparation for e-JERICO operation
Task 3.5: e-JERICO data lifecycle management
Task 3.6: Preliminary definition of Key Performance Indicators for e-JERICO
Task 3.7: Design of the e-JERICO implementation roadmap

Task 3.1: e-JERICO requirements compilation

(M1 – M12) (SMHI, RBINS, SOCIB, SYKE-FMI, All nations)

This task will be focused on gathering, studying and further synthesizing the requirements needed for eJERICO’s provision of effective (1) access to virtual resources, (2) data management facilitation and (3) European-Global landscape integration. Two main strategic initiatives will be carried out to define what is eJERICO’s place and role within the European landscape:

1. Close collaboration through regular virtual meetings and joint workshops will be established with WP1 and WP2 in order to gather the requirements of both the JERICO nations involved, along with all other users/stakeholders, for e-JERICO’s development and operation.

2. Interface will be conducted with the map of existing relevant marine domain Pan-European Infrastructures (EMODnet, CMEMS, SeaDataNet), as well as with EU and international initiatives and conventions (EuroGOOS, ROOS’s, EU HFR Node, EuroARGO, UNESCO-IOC-IODE, SCOR, ICES, OceanGliders, OSPAR, HELCOM, JCOMM, UNEP/MAP), and cross/multi-domain EU infrastructures and initiatives (EPOS, ICOS, EOSC, ENVRI-PLUS).

Effort will be driven by taking advantage of success stories such as the ones provided by ICOS or EPOS. Outcomes from this task will be included in the User/Stakeholder Strategy T4.1-D4.1.

Milestone: e-JERICO requirements compiled (M12)