JERICO-DS: Task 2.1

Task 2.1. Technical and technology outlook for coastal observatories 
Task 2.2. Gap analysis of JERICO-RI technologies
Task 2.3. Roadmap for the Technical Design of an operational JERICO-RI
Task 2.4 Preliminary definition of Key Performance Indicators for technological impact

Task 2.1. Technical and technology outlook for coastal observatories


Task 2.1 elaborates this outlook for the JERICO-RI, largely in collaboration with the scientific vision created in WP1 and provides insight on practical elements about how the operational JERICO-RI should function. The outlook will have several key elements, including a) how the existing technologies could be enhanced and harmonized, b) which are the key new/future technologies and how their TRL could be increased, such as for instance eDNA technologies, imaging ones, power saving, c) how to maintain and improve the excellence in system maintenance and operations, d) how to optimally exploit the observation capacity of platforms and sensors, e) how to improve the technical integration and coordination of observations, and f) how to optimise observational synergies with other RIs.

It will use the background provided by previous phases of JERICO-RI as well as various needs of coastal observations, with national (WP1) and regional specificities (JERICO-S3). Most importantly, the needs for obtaining pan-European interoperable and shared open access data supporting top-level research activities will be considered and how this will benefit the nations. The relevant developments in JERICO-S3 will be closely followed, especially Pilot Supersite implementation, and discussed in a joint workshop (MS 2.2).

Technical and technology outlook will provide perspectives how the future fit-for-purpose JERICO-RI should look like from hardware and engineering point-of-view (D2.1). Benchmarking with other European RI in different domains and international coastal observing systems (e.g. U.S., Australia) will be carried out, to ensure connectivity and synergies. The technology outlook will be elaborated in parallel to analysis of user communities (WP4), and data provision and development of e-infrastructures (WP3) to ensure that technology outlook is realistic and fit-for-purpose (MS2.3). 


  • D2.1 (T2.1) Technical and Technology outlook for an operational JERICO-RI (M18)