Tasks Table

 WP#  T#  Deliverable Name Lead   Type of Activity
1 1.1 Coastal national research landscapes within JERICO-RI CNR NA
1 1.2  Boundaries of JERICO-RI in the national landscapes of EU Environment RIs and contribution to global coastal observations CNR NA 
1 1.3   Preliminary definition of Key Performance Indicators for scientific excellence  CNR NA 
2 2.1   Technical and technology outlook for coastal observatories IMRNIVA NA
2 2.2   Gap analysis of JERICO-RI technologies DELTARES NA
2 2.3  Roadmap for the Technical Design of an operational JERICO-RI SYKE NA 
2 2.4   Preliminary definition of Key Performance Indicators for technological impact SYKE NA 
3 3.1  e-JERICO requirements compilation SOCIB NA 
3 3.2   Policies of e-JERICO SOCIB NA 
3 3.3   Technical design of e-JERICO SOCIB NA 
3 3.4 Preparation for e-JERICO operation SOCIB NA
3 3.5 e-JERICO data lifecycle management SOCIB NA
3 3.6 Preliminary definition of Key Performance Indicators for e-JERICO SOCIB NA
3 3.7 Design of the e-JERICO implementation roadmap SOCIB NA
4 4.1 User and stakeholder strategy EuroGOOS NA
4 4.2 Design of national commitment framework HCMR,EuroGOOS NA
4 4.3 Socio Economic Impact Assessment HCMR NA
4 4.4 Design of Research Infrastructure Funding plan MI NA
4 4.5 Financial Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy MI NA
4 4.6 Business plan design for the JERICO-RI MI NA
5 5.1 From the concept to the structure IMR, SYKE NA
5 5.2 Relations with other Environmental RIs HEREON NA
5 5.3 Study of Human resources and capacities IRB NA
5 5.4 Development of the JERICO label Committee to sustain the scientific research excellence
framework of JERICO-RI
5 5.5 Policy for sustaining excellence and performance MI NA
5 5.6 Structuring of the legal entity and way forward Ifremer, IMR NA
5 5.7 Coordination and methodology of the WP5 Ifremer, IMR NA
6 6.1 Project Communication IRB NA
6 6.2 Engaging with Users IH NA
6 6.3 Engaging with selected Stakeholders TALTECH NA
6 6.4 Maximizing visibility and society impacts IH NA
6 6.5 Communication KPIs IRB NA
7 7.1 Day To Day management IFREMER NA
7 7.2 Common workshop organisation: General assembly IFREMER NA
7 7.3 Committees IFREMER NA
7 7.4 Quality Assurance Plan IFREMER NA
7 7.5 Promoting ethics, environmental and safety guidelines within the JERICO-RI IFREMER NA
7 7.6 Representation of JERICO-RI in EU and International meetings IFREMER NA