Task 6.2 Jerico Oceanboard


  • To provide informative and educational resources on-line based on project activities, new and existing material targeted at different educational end-users.

  • To shape the educational resource is a form suitable for uptake for two categories of end-user: professional and public.

  • To enhance the Jerico Community Hub as appropriate to implement an outreach strategy for end-user groups.

Methodology / work description

The OceanBoard is proposed as the educational component of the Jerico Community Hub. It will be developed as an online educational resource for a range of users across different age groups, academic levels (including technology and engineering), spheres of the public service (targeting managers and decision makers), and the public in general to reach the wider interests and needs of a knowledge-based society. The Jerico OceanBoard will function as a web publishing platform to disseminate tailor-made products to specific levels of society, fulfilling the knowledge needs of more specific professionals like scientists and decision-makers, and supporting the outreach and uptake of important messages to the public. It will sieve out the essence of project deliverables and related thematics and applications to promote uptake of knowledge, practices and standards as well as supporting more widespread use of operational oceanography services and products.