Submitted Projects (2nd Call)

Second call closed on March 27th, 2013.

Reference Number Facility ID Type Facility Provider Proponent
CALL_2_1 MPLS FP CNR ITALY Anna Sanchez Vidal – Universitat de Barcelona GRC Geocencies Marines SPAIN
CALL_2_2 COSYNA_1 (FB) FB HZG GERMANY Jana Klanova – Masaryk University Research Centre for toxic compounds in the environment (RECETOX) – Environmental chemistry division CZECH REPUBLIC
CALL_2_3 ACQUA ALTA FP CNR ITALY Kai Soerensen – Norsk Insitutt for Vannforskning NIVA NORWAY
CALL_2_4 COSYNA_2 (Cuxhaven)   HZG GERMANY Luca Sanfilippo – SYSTEA S.p.A. Anagni ITALY
CALL_2_5 MPLS FP CNR ITALY Dominique Lefevre – Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography Marseille
CALL_2_6 CETSEM GL INSU/CNRS FRANCE Antonio Olita – Institute for Coastal Marine Environment of CNR Oristano ITALY

FB = FerryBoxes; FP = Fixed Positions; GL = Gliders; CL = Calibration Laboratories