Task 9.2

Task 9.1: Day To Day Management
Task 9.2: Financial Follow-Up
Task 9.3: General Assembly And Technical Reporting
Task 9.4: Committees
Task 9.5: Quality Assurance Plan
Task 9.6: Other Management-Related Issues

Financial Follow-Up

Lead: IFREMER (Patrick Farcy)

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Ifremer as Coordinator will take the necessary measures to ensure the appropriate use of the grant between the participants by providing a time schedule for transferring of funds allocated by the EU within the consortium.

The work will be done via agreed procedures in the Consortium Agreement. In accordance to the accounting system, and using the audit certificates system, Ifremer will follow-up the project expenses and track deviations.


D9.1) Signed consortium agreement [month 6]

D9.2) Quality assurance plan inc. guidelines, best practices, project handbook [month 6]

D9.3) Final project report (activity financial, societal) [month 48]