Task 5.8

Task 5.1: Data policy and distribution
Task 5.2: Integration of biological data
Task 5.3: Platform registration and metadata management system
Task 5.4: Interoperable data flow from in situ measurements to archiving in data centers
Task 5.5: Enhancement of Quality Control procedures for sensor based biochemical data
Task 5.6: Definition of Quality Control procedures for HF Radar data
Task 5.7: Scientific calibration procedures on gliders data collection
Task 5.8: Linking JERICO-NEXT activities to a Virtual Access infrastructure 

Linking JERICO-NEXT activities to a Virtual Access infrastructure

Lead: EuroGOOS (Patrick Gorringe)

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The JERICO-NEXT partners will provide a large number of in-situ monitoring and numerical modelling infrastructures, with numerous marine observations and forecasting products for the coastal zone. In this WP, a number of homogenization activities will enable a more efficient data flow from the different monitoring platforms. However, there is also a need for the JERICO-NEXT activities to be connected to a Virtual Infrastructure system that will provide not only the required interconnections but also the necessary background for building synthetic products based on original data.

In this task, an extended review of the existing Virtual Access platforms/systems will be carried out in order to find out to what extent the JERICO-NEXT activities could be supported. Apart from the specific requirements of the JERICO-NEXT products that will be gathered taking also into account the WP6 services, the study will also examine the technical background of each infrastructure and its ability to efficiently support a multi-node distributed system. Furthermore, suggestions for the full support of the JERICO-NEXT activities will be made together with a proposal for the required actions and adaptations.


D5.16: Adapting JERICO-NEXT activities to a Virtual Access infrastructure: Survey on the existing technologies – Needs and requirements for the adaptation (M18)