Task 5.5

Task 5.1: Data policy and distribution
Task 5.2: Integration of biological data
Task 5.3: Platform registration and metadata management system
Task 5.4: Interoperable data flow from in situ measurements to archiving in data centers
Task 5.5: Enhancement of Quality Control procedures for sensor based biochemical data
Task 5.6: Definition of Quality Control procedures for HF Radar data
Task 5.7: Scientific calibration procedures on gliders data collection
Task 5.8: Linking JERICO-NEXT activities to a Virtual Access infrastructure 

Enhancement of Quality Control procedures for sensor based biochemical data

Lead: SMHI (Bengt Karlson)

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Establishment of procedures or best practices for the Quality Control procedures that are applied on biochemical data recorded by sensors attached to the existing platforms, both in real-time and delayed-mode. These practices should also take into account the constraints that are imposed by the platform used for the collection of such kind of data (ferry boxes/moorings/gliders). Also, further tuning could be proposed for the QC applied on the physical parameters (temperature and salinity) regarding the QC ranges or accepted gradients specific to the coastal areas, due to the particular time/space variability. An open source software for QC-control, the FerryBox Toolbox, will be further developed and modified to also include data from fixed platforms. Results on harmonization activities from WP2 will be taken into account. The WP4 JRAPs will be used to illustrate data flows, especially the one on pelagic biodiversity (JRAP4.1) and the one on carbon flows and the carbonate system (JRAP4.5).


D5.11: Best practices for quality control of sensor based biochemical data (M 24)

D5.12: Software for QC of biochemical data from FerryBox and fixed platforms (M 40)