Task 2.5

Task 2.1: Coordination of network harmonization
Task 2.2: Consolidation of initiated network harmonization actions
Task 2.3: Harmonizing new network systems
Task 2.4: Harmonizing new network sensors
Task 2.5: Calibration and assessment
Task 2.6: The JERICO Label Technical Committee

Calibration and assessment

Lead: IFREMER (Florence Salvetat)

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The reliability of an observing network, i.e., its ability to consistently deliver usable information, depends most of all, on methodical calibration and assessment activities. Such activities are the only way to ensure that the data produced by the network are comparable, traceable, and of ascertained quality. Task 2.5 aims to lay down the foundations for a coordinated calibration and assessment system for the JERICO observing network. The first steps towards this long-
term goal will take the form of a limited performance evaluation (PE) exercise for salinity measurements across the network, and two small inter-laboratory comparisons, one for the analysis of dissolved oxygen and the other for the determination of pH in seawater matrices. In addition, the general challenges and developmental needs for the calibration of optical sensors for biology-related measurements will be investigated and documented. In this context, some limited laboratory tests aimed at harmonising methods for fluorometer calibration will also be conducted. Two workshops will be held to support the activities of the task during the project. A permanent Calibration Board will also be formed to oversee matters relating to calibration and metrological consistency across the network. The resulting work of task 2.5 will be reported in deliverable D2.6.


Deliverable 2.6: Report on the activities relating to calibration and assessment carried out during the project.

Deliverable 2.7: The “JERICO-NEXT Label” definition.