Task 2.2

Task 2.1: Coordination of network harmonization
Task 2.2: Consolidation of initiated network harmonization actions
Task 2.3: Harmonizing new network systems
Task 2.4: Harmonizing new network sensors
Task 2.5: Calibration and assessment
Task 2.6: The JERICO Label Technical Committee

Consolidation of initiated network harmonization actions

Lead: HCMR (George Petihakis)

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A crucial element of successful harmonization across extended networks is continuity of effort. The understanding of technologies, the refinement of methodologies and the establishment of effective procedures requires time and constancy. Task 2.2 will carry forward ongoing harmonization attempts within the JERICO network, reviewing accomplishments and revising relevant documentation (principally through the analysis of existing information), in the following three key technology areas: Fixed Platforms, Ferryboxes, and Gliders. One workshop will be organized during the project to present the results of these activities and identify areas for future work. The chief aim of task 2.2 is to preserve instituted harmonization efforts and ensure continued conformity of “established” network elements to the state-
of-the-art. The results of this task will be reported in deliverable D2.3


Deliverable 2.3: Report on ongoing harmonization initiatives within the JERICO network for the following three key technology areas: Fixed Platforms, Ferryboxes and Gliders.