Third Call

The third call for TNA to JERICO NEXT infrastructures opened on January 15, 2018 and closed on March 12, 2018.

A total of nine submitted proposals passed the evaluation (listed below in alphabetical order):

Project Acronym

Project title

Host infrastructure(s)

Project Report


Fifth Algerian BAsin Circulation Unmanned Survey

SOCIB glider facility, Spain

Canceled by the access provider for technical reasons


DEep-sea Fish Passive Acoustic Monitoring by using Glider technology

SOCIB glider facility, Spain

DEFPAM-G Final Report (783.6 KiB)

Easy On-line microLFA

Field test of a reliable and Easy to use microLFA based nutrient sensor package for Ferrybox On-line monitoring applications

Ferrybox system on MS Color Fantasy, Norway

Easy On-Line MicroLFA Final Report (656.2 KiB)


Frontal dynamics influencing Primary Production: investigating the onset of the spring bloom mechanism through gliders

SOCIB glider facility, Spain

Canceled by the access provider for technical reasons


Intercomparison of instruments for carbonate system measurements

NIVA Research Station, Norway

INTERCARBO Final Report (657.7 KiB)


Novel sensing tools to study synergic interaction between trace metals and phytoplankton

COSYNA Stationary FerryBox system, Germany

MEPHY Final Report (506.6 KiB)


Testing new multi-parameter fluorometer in optically complex environments

SYKE Ferrybox at m/s Finnmaid & Marine Research Centre Laboratory, Finland 

  MultiFluoro Final Report (897.1 KiB)


In-situ inter-comparison of nitrate sensors

NIVA Research Station, Norway

NitrateComp Final Report (577.2 KiB) 


Assessment of the ECOcological Quality status of the West Gironde Mud Patch, taken as an example of offshore marine system, using Sediment Profile


Sediment Profile Imager, France

WGMP-SPI Final Report (664.5 KiB) 
Map of the host infrastructures