Short name:  FAMRI
Contact name:  Ian Salter
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Brief Description of Organisation:

The Faroese Marine Research Institute is a government funded research centre tasked with monitoring Faroese territorial waters. Due to the importance of fishing and aquaculture to the Faroese economy there is a strong focus on sustained surveys of commercially imporant species with annual surveys commissioned for numerous pelagic and demersal stocks. Additionally there is a strong focus on the chemical and plankton ecology of the ocean with sustained coastal monitoring programs in place. Due to the strategic location of the Faroe Islands on the boundary of the North Atlantic and Arctic ocean, there is a strong emphasis on climateand large scale oceanographic monitoring, particularly the strength of the overturning circulation and basin-scale nutrient dynamics.

JERICO-S3: Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

WP3 - Integrated regional Sites. Task 3.6 Norweigan Sea. WP7 - Biodiversity assessment using genomic approaches.

Relevant Projects:

1.COD-e-DNA - Project comparing the applicability of environmental DNA surveys to map the spatial distribution of Atlantic cod biomass as determined by standard trawling.

2. Bank-e-DNA - Project assessing the potential of quantitative eDNA surveys to track stock recovery of Atlantic cod, haddock and Saithe on on the Faroe Bank.

3. FAMEOS - Faroese Marine Ecosystem Observing System - Monitoring project to describe temporal patterns in marine biodiversity using environmental DNA and integrating with Essential Ocean Ecosystem Observing Variables.


11, 430, vìð Áìr, Hvalvík, Faroe Islands