The OceanBoard is an online news and dissemination facility on operational oceanography with a focus on marine observations and forecasting in relation to the monitoring and assessment of coastal marine environments. It is intended to inform and disseminate tailormade products to specific levels of society, fitting knowledge needs of more specifically professionals like scientists and decision-makers, and supporting the outreach and uptake of important messages to the public. It sieves out the essence of project deliverables and related thematics and applications to promote the uptake of knowledge, practices, standards as well as to support more widespread use of operational oceanography services and products.

Viewers are able to post comments and opinions in open dialogue and feedback.

The OceanBoard initiative is coordinated by the Physical Oceanography Unit of the University of Malta (Aldo Drago). The production line of the OceanBoard is achieved through an organised networked effort relying on a structure of regional focal partners (DELTARES for the North Sea; University of Malta for the Mediterranean; SYKE for the Baltic Sea; IFREMER for Iberian region and Black Sea). These JERICO regional focal points together with CEFAS compose the editorial group of the JERICO Oceanboard. Blue Lobster IT Limited provide the web facility in collaboration with the University of Malta.


JERICO PUBLIC is intended for the general publicand provides an informative and educational platform to reach the wider interests and needs of a knowledge-based society.



JERICO PROFESSIONAL points to different academic levels (including education, technology and engineering), spheres of the public service (targeting managers and decision makers), and scientists and  professionals  involved in the delivery or use of marine data and information.