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Contact name:  Henning Wehde
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The Institute of Marine Research (IMR), whose headquarters are in Bergen, Norway, is the country’s primary oceanographic research institution and the 2nd largest in Europe. Its main task is to provide advice to Norwegian authorities on the ecosystems of the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the North Sea and the Norwegian coastal zone including fisheries and aquaculture. It is responsible for environmental monitoring of hydrographic properties, chemistry, contaminants, radioactivity, pH, CO2, nutrients and plankton. In addition, it is responsible for monitoring the marine resources including fish, marine mammals and seabirds. It conducts plankton and fish surveys in the North, Norwegian and Barents seas and contributes to the ecosystem-based management of these regions as well as in Norway’s coastal zones. It conducts assessments of marine stocks and is constantly working to improve the survey designs and the assessment methodology. It also has mapped and surveyed several regions of the deep Atlantic including along sections of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge as well as in the Nordic seas. IMR also is tasked with conducting scientific research to improve our understanding of variations in the marine ecosystems, particularly in relation to fish stocks.

Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

Contribute to: WP 1 Task 1.2, Task 1.4, WP 2 all task, WP 3 task 3.3, WP 4 CS 1+3+6, WP 5 as well as to the TNA and virtual access.

Relevant Projects- previous and existing

MyOcean and MyOcean II FP7 projects for establishing an operational Marine service for the GMES/COPERNICUS program FP7 EMODNET for making observational data sets available for wider use by the Stakeholders interested FP7 project JERICO for developping infrastructure and datadelivery of European Coastal observatories EuroGOOS/ROOSs activities for collaborative efforts improving the availability of observational data for operational and scientific use LoVe project. Cable based observatory infrastructure. Norwegian funds. Exemplary named further activities of IMR: ECOOP, RECLAIM, EUROCEAN, SeaDataNet, Bridge-IT, Sea-Search, UNCOVER, Argo programme, ICES IOC/IODE International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange, HABES, HABILE, SEFOS, NOWESP, NOMADS, NOMADS2, NOWESP, HABILE, EMTOX and MEECE.