Short name: IH
Contact name:  Joao Vitorino
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The Portuguese Hydrographic Institut (IH) is a research institute of the Portuguese Navy with administrative and financial autonomy. The institute employs 360 permanent staff and 14 contracted elements. IH has national responsabilities in the areas of cartography/hydrography, oceanography (e.g. publication of tide table) as well as navigation. Main research areas in the last few years cover the dynamics of continental shelf and slope waters and interaction with the deep-sea circulation, physical and sedimentary impacts of riverine inputs to the shelf, the geological characterisation of continental shelf and slope, submarine canyon dynamics, operational oceanography and the use of data assimilation models in oceanography. IH operates a real-time monitoring system for the Portuguese mailand waters (MONIZEE system).

Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

WP4 : Case studies n°6

Relevant Projects- previous and existing

  • Nationally Funded projects:

MOCASSIM(2001-2005), funded by POCTI, focussed on the development of national capacities for implementation of data assimilation models;

MONICAN(2008-2011), funded by EEA Grants 2004-2009, focused on the implementation of a real-time monitoring and forecast system for the Nazare Canyon area;

SIMOC (2010-2012), financed by Defense Ministry program, evaluated HF radar coverage in several areas of the Portuguese mailand coast (Sines, Nazare, Lisbon area – present location).

  • European funded projects:

RAIA (2009-2012)/RAIA-co (2012-ongoing), financed by POCTEP, instaled real-time monitoring and operational forecastig capacities in the northern Portuguese continental margin;

project TRADE (2011-2014)/TRADE2(2013-ongoing), financed by POCTEP, instaled HF radar coverage along the southern coast of Portugal mailand.