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Contact name:  Julien Mader
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AZTI-Tecnalia, a Technological Centre specialized in Marine and Food Research, is a private non-profit organization, whose objective is the social development and the improvement of competitiveness in its area of influence by means of technological Research and Innovation.

Since 1981, AZTI-Tecnalia has had a large number of clients in companies, institutions, and public administrations for which they carry out research oriented projects geared towards the knowledge generation, and high-added value technological products and services focused on solving specific problems.

The added value of our organization is based on the permanent training of our staff by means of R&D&i and the capacity to develop applications, which means efficient solutions to focus on the demands of public administrations and companies in the private sector. Our policy is that of permanent investment in technical-scientific equipment and in the continuous training of our professionals in search for technological excellence.

Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

AZTI-Tecnalia operates for more than 13 years the Coastal Observatory developed with regional funding from the Basque Government in the South-Eastern Bay of Biscay, transbaundery area between France and Spain. In fact, the observatory leads to provide necessary information in crucial and cross-border issues for coastal populations such as safety and efficiency of marine operations, public health risks, or, ecosystem and marine resources management. This experience will be used for leading harmonization and best practises on fixed platforms and new sensors in WP2. AZTI-Tecnalia will be highly involded around tasks leading with HF radar technology, including Harmonization in WP2, new Developments on current observations in WP3, data managment in WP5 and virtual access in WP6. AZTI-Tecnalia will lead the Synthesis Case on trans-boundary hydrography and transport in WP4, coordinatig the Joint Reasearch Activities on that topic. AZTI-Tecnalia will provide this expertise in the strategic activities in WP1. Moreover, an integrated team of AZTI-Tecnalia will contribute in WP1 from the high experience in MSFD implementation (WGs, papers, FP7 DEVOTES coordination).

Relevant Projects- previous and existing

DEVOTES, DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status (EU FP7: 308392-2) 2012-2016 Role: coordinator of the project (24 partners) JERICO, Towards a joint European research infrastructure network for coastal observatories (FP7). The project proposes a Pan European approach for a European coastal marine observatory network, integrating infrastructure and technologies such as moorings, drifters, ferrybox and gliders. 2010-2014 LOREA, Interregional coastal oceanography operational system in Euskadi-Aquitania. Coastal modelling and model validation. EU – INTERREG Iva. 2009-2011; SPRES, Oil Spill Prevention and Responses at Local Scales. INTERREG IVb. Generates both operational forecasting systems and planning tools, at local scale (estuaries and ports) by developing a set of high resolution operational oceanographic systems, establishing local oil spill response plans for these local areas based on risk assessment. ECOOP European COastal-shelf sea Operational observing and forecasting system Regional modelling and observations for model validation EU Directorate D – Water and Environmental Programmes. 2007- 2009