OCEANS 2023 Limerick

05/06/2023 08/06/2023

Sponsored by IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society and the Marine Technology Society, OCEANS 2023 will take place in Limerick, Ireland between 5th – 8th June 2023. This annual event will focus on gathering industry experts, global thought leaders, and engineers to discuss new research and innovation in relation to marine technology, engineering, science, education, and research.

The aim of the meeting is for experts to exchange knowledge on the topics of science, engineering, and technology in the context of research, operations, and development related to all aquatic environments. A wide range of professionals from various fields will contribute their knowledge through networking opportunities and sessions, with the aim of collaborating in the development of addressing environmental concerns and policies affecting marine technology and engineering. 

There will be a particular emphasis on sensing, exploring, understanding, using, developing, and responsibly managing natural resources. This will be discussed within the context of the development of innovative capabilities and technologies through prototypes, testing and operational systems.

The abstract deadline is 10th January 2023.

OCEANS Limerick event poster

Limerick, Ireland

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