EOOS Technology Forum 2024


The 2024 EOOS Technology Forum, themed “Catching the momentum in ocean observing technology: optimizing value and data provision,” is scheduled to convene on March 13, 2024, at Oceanology International, Excel, London, running from 09:45 to 17:45 UTC.

Responding to the pressing need for extensive ocean data at sustainable costs, the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS) has been working on enhancing the efficiency and value of ocean observing platforms and systems. EOOS encompasses the infrastructure, platforms, sensors, and experts dedicated to gathering essential data about Europe’s oceans, seas, and coastal waters.

Bringing together technology developers, manufacturers, and users, the 2024 EOOS Technology Forum aims to facilitate knowledge exchange on a wide array of platforms and sensors, irrespective of their complexity or cost. The overarching goal is to improve the accessibility of ocean observations by addressing key technological challenges such as maintenance, adaptability, deployment ease, and sustainability. Through collaborative discussions, the forum endeavours to identify and promote opportunities within the technology community to advance ocean observing optimization, both in Europe and globally.

The forum will centre on exploring the transformative technologies and systems propelling marine observing infrastructure and initiatives forward. Participants will delve into innovations and practical strategies necessary to enhance value, return on investment, and data provision while ensuring cost-effectiveness and asset integrity.

Participation in the event is open to all registered attendees of Oceanology International, offering an opportunity to collectively navigate the future of ocean observation technology.

JERICO-S3 Participation

This workshop is organised by EuroGOOS with the support of JERICO-S3IfremerOGS and SMHI, and DOOS.

JERICO-S3 coordinator, Laurent Delauney will c0-moderate Session 1 “Accessible technology: Needs of the ocean observing community” and the closing session.

JERICO expert Dominique Durrand will co-moderate Session 4: Sustainability aspects of accessible ocean observing technologies and give a presentation in Session 1.

JERICO-S3 work-package leader on Sustainability Lucie Cocquempot will c0-moderate Session 3: Data quality aspects of accessible ocean observing technologies and present in Session 4.

EOOS Technology Forum

London Excel Centre

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