First call

The first call for TNA to JERICO NEXT infrastructures opened on May 2, 2016 and closed on July 5, 2016.

A total of twelve proposals were received, six of them passed the evaluation (listed below in alphabetical order):

Project Acronym Project title Host infrastructure Project Report
ABACUS-3 Third Algerian BAsin Circulation Unmanned Survey SOCIB glider facility, Spain ABACUS3 Report Final (492.2 KiB)
ANTEIA Directional wave measuring sensor validation SBI Galway Bay Data Buoy, Ireland ANTEIA Report Final (759.0 KiB)
CarbonAS Seasonal variability in carbonate chemistry in the southern Aegean Sea HCMR Poseidon Ferrybox, Greece   CarbonAS Report Final (634.5 KiB)  
FinisGlider Pilot experience to incorporate Glider technology to the Finisterre repeated hydrographic section. CNRS-INSU Glider National Facility, France FinisGlider Report Final (396.7 KiB)   
GLIDER-SOUTH GLIDER missions in the SOUTHern Sicilian Channel CNRS-INSU Glider National Facility, France GLIDER-SOUTH Report Final (313.0 KiB)   
MAICA Mediterranean Aerosol In Coastal Areas CNR Acqua Alta Oceanographic Tower, Italy   MAICA Report Final (837.7 KiB)
Map of the host infrastructures

Map of the host infrastructures