Galway Bay Data Buoy

(short name)

Galway Bay Marine And Renewable Energies Test Site

(short name)

Galway Bay Data Buoy


Galway Bay, Ireland, Atlantic Ocean


53.22762°N - 9.2611°W

Bottom depth

23 m (Chart Datum)

Legal name of organisation

SmartBay Ireland, Ltd (SBI)




Rogério Chumbinho
SmartBay Ireland
Marine Institute Building, Renville, H91R673 Oranmore, Ireland
Tel: +353 (0)91 387545
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SMARTBUOY is an autonomous data buoy used by SBI for testing environmental and meteorological sensors and to efficiently collect metocean time series.

All data is transferred to SBI via a variety of wireless communication options and onto users through the SBI online data portal or specialized access.

Different mooring designs are adaptable to any specific testing environment; the buoy allows for easy integration of sensors and instruments into the available power and data transmission facilities, with deployment in air, at the ocean surface or deeper in the water column.

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Instrument Measured Parameter(s) Elevation / Depth Sampling Frequency of data recovery
Vemco VR2C Fish tag detector Surface Continuous On detection event
Triaxys Wave characteristics (statistical and spectral) Surface Continuous 3 min
Airmar Wind velocity, air temperature, air pressure Surface Continuous 1 min

  • Remote: the measuring system is implemented by the operator of the installation and the presence of the user group is not required,
  • Partially remote: the presence of the user group is required at some stage e.g. installing and un-installing user’s equipment.

Unit of access (UA): month.

TNA projects supported by JERICO-NEXT:


The whole infrastructure for both SBI CPO and SMARTBUOY installations includes the following data services: acquisition, storage, normalisation, presentation and visualisation and data standardisation. The infrastructures are being used by several Irish research bodies, universities and companies in research and development projects. Testing and validation of novel devices or instruments will typically allow devices to move up TRLs 4 to 7. In addition, SMARTBUOY currently offers: power and data communications to near surface or atmospheric devices; pre-deployment integration testing; dedicated operational team (bench testing, deployment, operations and maintenance, recovery of the sensor/equipment); data processing support; device deployment in a marine environment; real-time data transmission to shore.

Users of SMARTBUOY will be offered a high-quality, end-to-end service including:

1) Project specific ICT team for data acquisition and data transmission support;

2) Real-time data transmission and visualization through a dedicated and secure log-in via the SBI online data portal. All data transmitted and visualized via SBI is encrypted to ensure client data security. A SOS (OGC compliant) web service is also available for automatic data retrieval.

SBI has been audited and accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards compliance in December 2015. Therefore, each user of the observatory must adhere to SBI’s Health, Safety, Environment and Quality procedures when using the observatory. The relevant procedures will be made available to users prior to any deployment or project implementation.