ANB Sensors pHIMS

ANB Sensors pHIMS: Testing an autonomous self-calibrating pH sensor (pHIMS) with on-board QA/QC, for ocean and water quality monitoring

User group PI: Nathan Lawrence, ANB Sensors, United Kingdom

Hosting infrastructures: SYKE Ferrybox at m/s Silja Serenade & Marine Research Centre Laboratory, Finland; FMI Atmospheric and Marine Research Station, Finland

Main Objectives

ANB Sensors is currently developing its next generation pH sensor suitable for oceanographic beta testing. The current sensor is at TRL 5-6, this prototype has been field tested in the coastal waters of California for industrial effluent monitoring. Through this work a number of issues were identified. Taking into account these issues, ANB Sensors is currently developing the next version of its pHenom sensor, to raise the TRL further ready for commercialisation in 2019. It is ANB Sensors belief that this can only be acheived by field testing by external research facilities and external validation of the results obtained with the sensor when compared to the state-of-the-art sensors today. The principle objectives for the Jerico-Next TNA project are:

  1. Provide feedback on the sensors ease of use, ease of deployment and data retieval features
  2. Debug the sensors highlighting any key issues associated with the sensor performance and use
  3. Validate the sensors response against independent measurements in real time deployment
  4. Deploy the sensor in a variety of conditions
  5. Raise the TRL to 8/9 through Beta testing.
  6. Allow ANB Sensors to understand the issues associated with oceanography and sensor deployment for other analytes – providing scopes for future collaborations

Project Report:  ANB Sensors PHIMS Report Final (865.0 KiB)

Data log:  ANBSensorslog (137.1 KiB)

Data:  DATA ANB Sensors PHIMS (258.7 MiB)