Task 9.3

Task 9.1: Coordination of the WP
Task 9.2: Community of users in JERICO-RI: Analysis of Users and usage strategy
Task 9.3: Preliminary Design of the JERICO-RI
Task 9.4: Business plan of the JERICO-RI
Task 9.5: Long term governance and way towards institutional, national, and other sustainability initiatives

Task 9.3: Preliminary Design of the JERICO-RI 

M1-46 (Lead: Ifremer, Co-lead: HCMR, EuroGOOS, AZTI (WP1))

This task will build upon WP1 and then upon WP2, 6 & 8 results and synthesise the collective achievements to establish a JERICO-RI Preliminary Design (D9.5, M46) in line with the Users requirements outlined from Task 9.2. This will include these specific inputs from the following WPs: i) WP1 will establish a common scientific approach to address key common challenges/purposes, as well as those specific to regions, thanks to the hardware part of JERICO-RI as task 1.1: it will propose a Science and Technology pre-Design (Partial version of the JERICO-RI (M12) design) based on description of platforms and systems to answer the science approach of the JERICO-RI;  ii) the collaboration with other RIs in WP2;  iii) WP6 will deliver the design of the data infrastructure and ; iv) WP11 will operate services within the preliminary e-infrastructure of JERICO-RI (including a Virtual Research Environment, VRE).


Task 9.3: D9.5: JERICO-RI Design report, final version (M46)