Task 9.1

Task 9.1: Coordination of the WP
Task 9.2: Community of users in JERICO-RI: Analysis of Users and usage strategy
Task 9.3: Preliminary Design of the JERICO-RI
Task 9.4: Business plan of the JERICO-RI
Task 9.5: Long term governance and way towards institutional, national, and other sustainability initiatives

Coordination of the WP

M1-48 (Lead: IFREMER; Partner: EuroGOOS)

This task aims at coordinating the WP9 activities, including reporting, participation to Steering Committee meetings, yearly JERICO weeks, organisation of WP9 workshops, as well as coordination of actions between WP9 committees, such as the JERICO-Users Committee (JUC) and the Committee for Long Term Governance (LTG).