Task 2.3

Task 2.1: Coordination and dissemination
Task 2.2: Collaboration and interoperability with marine, river and terrestrial RIs
Task 2.3: Interfacing with COPERNICUS and coastal-based industries
Task 2.4: Regional connectivity and link between scales and dynamics
Task 2.5: Interfacing with monitoring programmes, non-European OOS and the political realm

Interfacing with COPERNICUS and coastal-based industries

M1-M42 (Lead: COV, ACRI, partners: CNR, COV, ACRI, SOCIB, AZTI, NIVA, AZTI, Hereon, Deltares, RWS)

Investigate the possible entrepreneur role that JERICO-RI could play in proposing fit-for-purpose products to end-users. Interfacing with non-RI providers of coastal observations (Task 2.2) or national monitoring programs (Task 2.5), with focus on the Copernicus operators and CMEMS and coastal based industries conducting regular coastal and shelf sea observations in support of their activities. Outcomes will be reported in D2.2.

Subtask 2.3.1 – Cooperation with COPERNICUS (ACRI, COV, NIVA, AZTI, SOCIB, CNR, Hereon)

After a review of the present strategic connection between JERICO-S3 partners and CMEMS, ESA and EuMetSat (MS2.3), this subtask will explore mutual interests and promote JERICO-RI observations and expertise for calibration/validation of satellite observations, for improving retrieval algorithms, and for developing joint products for end-users. Cooperation models in form of MoUs, cooperation agreements or direct projects will be sought, providing the framework for long-term partnership with focus on coastal data provision for Copernicus. The possibility of systematic deployment, on JERICO platforms, of sensors for cal/val of coastal satellite data (e.g. solar irradiance, radiance) will be explored. Products and services will be defined.

Subtask 2.3.2 – Partnership with coastal industries (COV, Deltares, RWS, ACRI, SOCIB)

After a review of existing projects with coastal industry companies (MS2.3), synergies and partnership models with private sector observing activities will be developed. Focus will be on industries making regular multi-disciplinary measurements to monitor their own activities (e.g., aquaculture, fisheries, petroleum, offshore wind farms). The joint AquaCLoud initiative implemented in Norway by aquaculture companies to jointly solve common environmental challenges, will serve as a template for progressing on data sharing and promoting partnership.  Dialog will be conducted through bilateral communication and during major marine industry gatherings (MS2.4). Communication activities will support WP10 in raising awareness about JERICO-RI.


Task 2.3: D2.2: Report on Roadmap for long-lasting cooperation with COPERNICUS and industries (M42)