Task 13.2

Task 13.1: Day To Day management 
Task 13.2: Common workshop organisation: JERICO-Weeks
Task 13.3: Committees
Task 13.4: Quality Assurance Plan
Task 13.5: Coordination and Management of the Transnational Access Programme
Task 13.6: Coordination and Management of Virtual Access activities
Task 13.7: Promoting ethics, environmental and safety guidelines within the JERICO-RI

Common workshop organisation: JERICO-Weeks

M1-M48 (Lead: Ifremer)

This task will coordinate the organisation of the five JERICO-Weeks synchronized to the General Assembly meetings. Ifremer will co-organize the 4 first ones and organize the final one (M48). AZTI will co-organize the first JERICO-Week as a Kick-Off meeting (M1), IRB will co-organize the 2nd JERICO-Week (M12), TALTECH will co-organize the 3rd one (M24) and IH will co-organize the 4th  one (M36). These JERICO-Weeks will be the place to report the project achievements and next steps with regards to the contract, take decisions with the consortium, share results, and discuss scientific approaches.