Task 10.5

Task 10.1: Coordination of the WP
Task 10.2: Dissemination & exploitation plan
Task 10.3: Strengthening the JERICO-RI identity: Building a common message 
Task 10.4: Strengthening the community through skill development and knowledge transfer 
Task 10.5: Maximising the visibility of the JERICO-RI

Maximising the visibility of the JERICO-RI

M1-48 (Lead: BLIT; IH, SOCIB, COVARTEC) (M1-M48)

This task is organised into 3 key subtasks as follows.

Subtask 10.5.1: JERICO-RI website and communication media (Lead: BLIT)

The website and Social Media campaigns will focus on the JERICO-RI and the key benefits to the main target user groups:

  • Review of the previous JERICO-NEXT website and design of a JERICO-RI website
  • Edition of Newsletters,
  • Community management: Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook etc,
  • Branding (logo / leaflets, banners / posters etc).
  • A dedicated JERICO-RI YouTube channel will be set up where short videos produced by the project (e.g. WP3, WP4 at the occasion of deployment, demonstration) will be posted.
  • Communication material to engage and collaborate with citizen science initiatives will be produced, in cooperation with related activities in WP2 and WP6.
  • Integration of metadata and service catalogues (WP6&7) to the JERICO-RI website.

Actions and material produced in this subtask will be reported in D10.3, with intermediate milestones at M6 and M48 (MS 10.1 & 10.15).

Subtask 10.5.2: Promoting access to the JERICO-RI: TA & VA (Lead: BLIT;  SOCIB)

Presentation and promotion of the TA & VA activities in conjunction with WP8-TA and WP11-VA will be performed at M24 and M42 (MS 10.6 & 10.13). In particular, the enhanced JERICO-RI e-Infrastructure and its contents, including JERICO-RI resources catalogs (platforms, data, documentation, e-libraries and e-training modules) and Data-to-Products Thematic Services. Support will be provided for the publication of TNA calls through the website, social media and other actions as defined in the Communications Plan and subsequent results published and promoted.

Subtask 10.5.3 Toolbox for engaging with stakeholders groups (science, policy, society, industry).  (Lead: IH, Co Lead: BLIT, COVARTEC, SOCIB)

In articulation with the definition and implementation of a Communication Plan (Task 10.3) this subtask will define and implement communication tools dedicated to each stakeholder group: Communication objectives, targeted audience, logistic support for the organisation of stakeholder workshops, Knowledge Transfer Networks, creation of stakeholder fora to foster ongoing communication, news, feedback and collaborations.

A specific focus will be given to develop communication materials dedicated to reach representatives of institutions and nations and support their engagement. The WG for JERICO-Nodes led in WP9 will work together with WP10 to establish convincing communication material to engage institutions (M1-M24) and Nations (M12-M36); This includes guiding the editorial & communication work after deliverables of task 1.2 in WP1 (see WP9 subtask 9.5.2).

Specific actions will be conducted to engage society / European start-ups and SMEs in the design of products to end-users based on JERICO-RI data and in the support of integration of enabling ICT for coastal and marine observation as support of WP1.2 (cooperation with EMSO and EuroArgo, US-ACT will be sought).

This subtask will be reported in D10.4, with a milestone MS10.10 at M38.


Task 10.5 – D10.3: Report on production of communication material dedicated to increase the visibility of JERICO-RI (M24)

Task 10.5- D10.4: Report on communication tools: description of the tool per targeted group (M26)