Task 10.4

Task 10.1: Coordination of the WP
Task 10.2: Dissemination & exploitation plan
Task 10.3: Strengthening the JERICO-RI identity: Building a common message 
Task 10.4: Strengthening the community through skill development and knowledge transfer 
Task 10.5: Maximising the visibility of the JERICO-RI

Strengthening the community through skill development and knowledge transfer

M28-44 (Lead: IH; Partners: FMI, DELTARES, CNR, CEFAS)

Internal workshops on best practices to train existing JERICO-RI facility operators, also open to external applicants will be organised at months 29 & 42 (MS 10.7 & 10.11). The objective of this action is to transfer knowledge, within the consortium, on data management, processing and QA/QC practices (WP5&6), hence sustaining and raising up the excellence of the network. A particular emphasis will be given to promote synergies with the Virtual Research Environment that will be developed in WP7.  Two training workshops will be organised and reported (D10.5). The feedback of these training will feed the subtask 9.2.1 to assess the importance of human services versus thought expectations. Webinars targeted at various audiences (e.g., early career scientists, experienced scientists to update existing knowledge and experienced scientists new to the field) will be conducted and recorded. In addition 2 webinars will support outreach of the project to the general public (MS 10.5 & MS 10.12).


Task 10.4 – D10.5: Report on training workshops including production of guidelines on best practices aimed at staff training (M44)